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Team Leader


    Kevin is majoring in Oceanography at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He's had the pleasure of living on Oak Island most of his life. He's been kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, and fishing on Oak Island for nearly two decades. He's very passionate about spreading his knowledge, respect, and appreciation for the marine environment. Kevin is ready to help you experience Oak Island.


Team Leader


     Austin Somers is a Biology major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has spent the entirety of his life surfing the breaks, traveling the waterways, and pursuing the fish populations of Oak Island. Doing business with Austin is always a pleasure. He is an experienced surf instructor and fishing guide. Austin is ready to make your vacation one to remember!


The staff of Oak Island Experience is dedicated to providing our guests with a memorable stay on our beautiful island. Whether that be relaxing on the  beach, surfing the waves or adventuring the marsh, we've got you covered. Since we make a business off the scenic beauty and thriving wildlife of Oak Island, we do our best to give back whenever we can. Our business makes an effort to have a symbiotic relationship with our marine environment, by advocating community clean ups, as well as making an effort to get any trash we see on our excursions. We as a company hope to promote respect and appreciation for our coastal environment, with intentions to preserve and protect it for further generations.

  How we help  


We do our best to keep our wildlife clean and healthy, so we can preserve it for generations to come. One way we do this is by reclaiming and repurposing marine debris, like wood, tires, metal, traps, and buckets. The tires we remove are used as anchors for our volleyball and tetherball posts. The wood we find is cut into pieces for our beach jenga and yardzee. We hold pride in recycling these marine debris out of the environment, and finding a way for them to supply people with happiness and fun; while keeping them out of a landfill. We hope you see our beach games as monuments promoting marine conservation.

Recovered broken dock